Having to move locations is a bothersome process in itself. Having to do so with minimum to no downtime is even more of a challenge. Making sure that your new location has the proper space and facilities is just as important as transferring or rebuilding your data center from the old office space to the new one can be a time consuming process that can easily turn into a

Let ALICOM alleviate that pain for you. Not only will we plan your move, we will do so in a manner that reduces risk as we help to avoid placing all responsibility on your internal employees, who are also distracted with the move itself. Whether it’s for the whole project or a specific aspect thereof, ALICOM can help in numerous ways as we specialize in thoroughly orchestrating these types of moves and migrations. Our goal in assisting you will be to orchestrate the move with less than 35% downtown time, which is an industry standard. Let our efficient, and knowledgeable team assist you in this process! Contact ALICOM today.

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ALICOM offers Global Data and Voice Cabling services

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