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We offer cabling solutions throughout the United States. Your company’s data center is the centralized brain of your network. Every piece of data and voice objects are stored in this area and everything you do with your network and infrastructure depends on your center, not only being able to handle all of the traffic, whether or you’re a small operation or large corporation, that your outfit will generate. Whether it is a “Top of the Rack”, “End of the Row”, “Middle of the Row” and a litany of methodologies and technologies ALICOM’s team of experts will design, manage, and monitor your data center to ensure that you are getting all that your company or organization needs from your Data Center.


ALICOM offers years of proven expertise and a full gamut of information and infrastructure services. We will work closely on every level of the project from inception, to design, to implementation, management and monitoring/auditing etc., once the new Data Center is designed, built and ready to be rolled out and used. 

At ALICOM, our goal is to improve the efficiency of your Data Center, design it so that it’s faster, and specifically designed for your company, within your specific requirements, design specifications, budget, implementation, testing, performance tuning, monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing. And we don’t stop there, ALICOM makes sure that the cooling system is efficient enough to hand small or robust activity so that your Data Center is always running efficiently, with proper airflow so that nothing hinders air and cooling. All equipment is properly organized and labeled, which will help us respond to issues in a much faster time!
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ALICOM offers Global Data and Voice Cabling services

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