Need cabling? We’ve got you covered!

– Backbone wiring
– Complete and Partial Office/Warehouse Build-outs
– DEMARC wiring
– RG6/58, (copper)


We offer the full range of cabling solutions. We support and install cabling ranging from CAT5e and CAT6 as defined by the TIA/EIA-568B, offering performance of up to 250MHz. We are also able to supply a CAT6a service as defined in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10, giving performance of 500MHz, or double the performance standard of CAT6. Too much data for CAT6? We offer greater solutions when in need.

Where significant bandwidth is the requirement, a fiber optic cabling may be the answer. It is especially beneficial when you need to cover large distances at great speed while providing the largest amount of bandwidth.satcomm

Communications for any organization or business is the cornerstone to have a successful company. Not only does this involve having the ability to communicate whether through email, voice or wireless, but also, having the ability to effective disseminate and share mission critical data within the company is paramount, and very integral to the process is the fortitude of your infrastructure and the success of your company. ALICOM believes that having a reliable and dependably constructed communications system is key to success. Whether you are moving, redesigning, or scaling up your data center, ALICOM offers leading industry methodologies, in accordance to top industry standards, as well as the most effective methods of designing implementing and/or integrating into your business so that your communication infrastructure is solid, secure and dependable.


At ALICOM, we are committed to making technology work for your business. Our goal is to provide simple, yet powerful technology solutions to fit your unique needs and budget, while allowing your family and organization to focus more on what is really important. We can help increase productivity, increase communication, enhance security and boost organizational effectiveness within your home and business.

ALICOM has multi-solutions for all your data and phone cabling needs. We offer a full range of cabling installations and support. Anything from CAT3 to Fiber Optics. We have thousands of installations under our belts with many options to choose from. Indoor projects that range from small to big, to underground and aerial projects, we got you covered!

$20.00 fee applies to all quotes. Fee will be credited back on the first project you hire us for.